Speaker's Notes

Below are Speaker's notes from past conferences.

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2012:   "The Body of Christ"

Dr. Brant Pitre - The Power of Praying Scripture:  Lectio Divina & Your Spiritual Life

Dr. Brant Pitre - Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving:  Jesus Living in His Body

Dr. Michael Barber - The Body of Christ and the Bride of Christ

Dr. Michael Barber - Fear of the Lord as Loving God

Dr. Michael Barber - St. Paul: The Model Servant and Witness to Christ

Dr. John Bergsma - Building Holy Families: Lessons from Genesis

Dr. John Bergsma - The Dignity of the Human Body:  The Body as Temple in the Scriptures

2013:  "Knowing & Living Our Catholic Faith"

Dr. Brant Pitre - Catholic Church and the Battle of Prayer

Dr. Brant Pitre - Marriage, the Family, and Spiritual Warfare

Dr. Michael Barber - Mary, the Model of Faith

Dr. Michael Barber - Year of Faith & Sacred Scripture: Encountering God’s Word in the Catechism

2014:  "Be Not Afraid! - The New Evangelization"

Dr. Brant Pitre - The Love of Jesus the Bridegroom

Dr. Brant Pitre - Saint Peter, the Spiritual Life, and Evangelization

Dr. Michael Barber - The Price of Salvation:  The Paschal Meaning of Redemption

Dr. Michael Barber - The Thanksgiving Sacrifice and the Eucharist

2015:  "Catholicism - The Fullness of Truth"

Dr. Brant Pitre - Confession and the Real Presence of Jesus

Dr. Brant Pitre - The Jewish Roots of Purgatory

Dr. Brant Pitre - The Origin of the Bible

Dr. Brant Pitre - What Must I Do to Be Saved?

Dr. Michael Barber - “All Generations Will Call Me Blessed”: Answering Objections about Mary

Dr. Michael Barber - St. Paul’s Teaching on the Church

Dr. Michael Barber - The Bible is a Catholic Book: Tradition, Apostolic Authority, and Scripture

2016:  "Now is the Time of Great Mercy"

Dr. Brant Pitre - Jewish Roots of Divine Mercy

Dr. Brant Pitre - Year of Mercy & Indulgences- Explained

Dr. Brant Pitre - The Message of Jesus:  "I Desire Mercy"

Dr. Brant Pitre - Mary:  "Mother of Mercy"

2017:  "The Human Family ... Reflection of the Holy Trinity"

Dr. Michael Barber - The Human Person as Gift - The Theology of the Body of JPII

Dr. Michael Barber - The Scandal of Mystery - Faith, Reason, and the Triune God

Dr. Michael Barber - Living the Mystery - The Trinity and the Christian Life